Startup Solutions

Managing The Immediate While You Grow For The Future

Leading a new startup can be a bit like herding cats--and the CEO can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Filling too many roles, or bootstrapping the business yourself, or constantly answering to nervous investors, it can seem like you never get time to do the big-picture, long-term strategy work that a new company needs. You should be doing deals with investors, meeting with VIP clients, and ensuring the long-term viability of the company. Sometimes, even the best and most talented CEOs need some help as the operations of a company get up and running.

At Protem Partners, we specialize in providing the assistance that the leaders of startups need. Not only can our experienced professionals step in and take on a variety of operational roles at your company, but we work with you to streamline your business' organization to make your life easier after our consultants step away. We prioritize your growth, and work with you to harness the positive parts of your organization--you know that there is something special about the business that you are leading, and we are here to help you plan and execute a successful strategy.

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