Temporary Executive

Growing organizations sometimes find themselves with projects or programs that need serious and sustained attention, but the C-Suite may be too busy or too small to give it the attention it deserves. You need someone with the knowledge to get the task done, but staffing agencies cannot provide the experienced and capable person that you need to grow your business, and you may not want to or need to spend the money on a full-time/permanent executive for this one item, despite its import.

Protem's experienced professionals can give your most business-critical projects the attention that they deserve and assure that the company's goals for growth are being met. Our team can assure that your project is being handled by a capable, skilled leader with the experience and expertise to guide your team to a successful conclusion. When your project is complete, we will assure that our transition out of your business is as seamless as our entrance; your clients and your employees deserve nothing less than uninterrupted service and leadership.

What We Do:

  • On-site engagement with your team, your clients, and you to assure that we are as prepared as possible to hit the ground running.
  • Our own research that will give us the deepest insight into your market and the ability to capably execute on your strategic vision.
  • Seamless entrances and exits to assure that our assistance is as effective as possible and that your company continues to experience transformative growth.

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