Growth Consulting

You Can’t Grow Without Careful Execution

When you hear the word “consultant”, you know what to expect. You know you will pay a lot of money to have someone talk to you on the phone, create reports that take a great deal of time and result in plenty of billable hours but little impact for you. You know you need help, but you want someone who will do more than give you a slide deck and a strategy document before leaving with your hard-earned capital.

At Protem Partners, we subscribe to the philosophy that talk is cheap. We believe that sustained and accelerating growth--transformational growth--takes careful planning and skilled execution. Not only do we help you harness the natural change in your organization, we help execute the strategy to seize the opportunities that change presents.

Change is something that happens to us; it is the natural progression of the world we live in. “Change Management” contains that progression and keeps it at a slow, predictable rate. At Protem, we seek to alter the paradigm; not to slow natural progression, but to direct and harness it to build the organizations that we work with and to achieve the transformational growth that our clients seek. Change is good—growth is better.

What We Do:

  • Careful development of a strategy to harness the change in your organization.
  • On-site engagement with your team, your clients, and you to plan and execute a strategic vision for growth.
  • Fractional COO/Chief of Staff position to facilitate progress.
  • Seamless entrances and exits to assure that our assistance is as effective as possible and that your company continues to experience transformative growth.
  • Thoughtful interim executive placement for transitions within your company. (Headhunting/Recruiting firms: please contact us if you are seeking interim executives)

Executive Search Firms: Please contact us if you are seeking interim executives.

 Post-Crisis Management

Turnaround Management