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A popular truism in speaking about crises is that the Chinese characters for crisis represent danger and opportunity. Regardless of the lack of accuracy in this definition, there is no doubt that you are facing danger when faced with a crisis, and good management involves mitigation – mitigation of risk and mitigation of harm. You've addressed risk mitigation through your policies and procedures, continuity of operations plan, and transition planning. And then, crisis strikes. You initiate your crisis management plan, and mitigate significant harm to your company or organization.

But what happens after the crisis? How do you manage the recovery phase? Even if there has not been significant visible harm to your company, there has been an impact on your organization and your people. And this impact is the opportunity that comes with crisis – the opportunity to grow. Protem Partners knows how to harness this opportunity and help you make your company stronger, your people better, and your future brighter.

The critical incident and after-action debriefings conducted by emergency services and the military serve to help individuals and organizations gain the maximum benefit from the crisis experience. Although there is a general format followed in debriefing, the benefit received is directly related to the experience of the debriefer. Protem Partners' primary debriefer is trained as a mental health professional and a critical incident stress management instructor. He has over twenty years of experience in debriefing and has worked with individuals and agencies from twenty-five states at the local, state and federal levels.

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