Career Transitions

Your Next Leadership Opportunity

You've been successful up until this point, but now you're wondering why making your next move or even identifying what that next move might be is proving so difficult. You have been solving problems and coaching others for years. You have always been able to plan and execute before, but now you feel stuck. Your life and career have gotten so complex between your job and your home that it is hard to plan anything in the time between. You are concerned--when can I sit down and take some time to think about what my next move is? How are employers finding people at my level now? What are they looking for? Is my resume the type that will get me hired and on to the next step?

Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, and Roger Federer all have coaches. Yo-Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, and Herbie Hancock still learn from other musicians. Having a coach need not be permanent, and it certainly does not mean that anything is wrong. Everyone occasionally needs a set of objective, experienced eyes to help them take action and make decisions. We seek to help you harness and highlight the best parts of your resume and your work to-date and then work with you to execute a plan that will help you grow your career.

What We Do

  • Focus on your professional and personal situation with a deep dive on your career to-date.
  • Help you gain clarity on your own goals, if needed, while identifying options that are less obvious, and often missed by others.
  • Help you brand your entire narrative, online presence and interactions in a way that is concrete and effective.
  • Help you develop your plan in specific and actionable ways, then provide support along the way as you execute on that plan.
  • Act in strictest confidence.

What We Don't Do

  • Inundate you with personality profiles that tell you what you already know.
  • Attempt to constantly upsell you into longer-term engagements: we help you, and then get out of your way when you are ready.
  • Charge a fortune: most clients pay less than $2,000, where most coaches charge more than that just to assist with one aspect of a job search, or rack up billable hours.
  • Sell the same solution to one person after another, or provide guidance that is so generic/abstract, that it's unhelpful: everything, including your action plan is completely customized and specific to you.

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